Play with Left

August 20, 2008

Nike has released a two-minute film to tell the extraordinary story of how Rafa Nadal managed to change from being a right handed amateur tennis player into the most-feared, left-handed champion in the world.

The film meets Rafa and his Uncle Toni at home being interviewed in the kitchen. Uncle Toni tells us that although his nephew hits the ball harder with his left hand than anyone in the history of tennis, he is in fact right handed. Toni tells the story of how he convinced Rafa to make the switch from right-handed to left-handed when he was nine years old, believing it would give him an advantage over his competitors.

The irony is that, to this day, playing tennis is the only thing that Rafa does left handed. He uses his right hand to throw, write and even for the most mundane activities like brushing his teeth. Though the film explores this in a light hearted way, its objective is to demonstrate that the act of changing into a left handed player was a courageous one.


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