Dj Nuts and 4 free Mixtape from Brazil

September 5, 2008

Based in São Paulo, Dj Nuts is the foremost turntablist in Brasil today. Also an expert about brazilian music.
Lucky for us, he gaves a blog with 6 Mixtapes to download totally free.
For who likes Samba-Rock, should download the amazing Embalo Jovem.

More about Dj Nuts:

DJ Nuts is the foremost turntablist living in Brasil today. His skills mixed with the depth of his crates makes him unique in his home country. As a youngster in the late eighties he became fascinated by the burgeoning Sao Paulo hiphop scene. Graduating from the school of “Yo MTV Raps” – he began Djing under the tutelage of Macello 2the Bone (producer of Racionais MCs) in 1991. In 2000 he became the tuntablist champion of Brasil. As a producer he was done albums for Marcello D2 (Sony Music) as well as working with Brasilian music legends Gilberto Gil, Planet Hemp, Joao Donato, Trio Mocoto, O Rappa and Dom Um Romao.

In 2002 DJ Nuts was a tutor at the Redbull Music Academy in Sao Paulo. He became the main consultant and dj for Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos – the Mochilla sequel to Keepintime.

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