Angelis Labor Gabrielle Turntable

January 19, 2009


This turntable is $64.000.  Know why:

Fed by Geekologie

The Gabriel is made from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel and can be customized with up to four arms. Each arm is made in a Modena, Italy, factory that also builds Ferrari parts. A one-armed model costs about $27,000, while a four-armed version runs for $64,000, including installation.

Why would anyone want four arms on their record player? Different pickup cartridges produce different types of sound, and some audiophiles like to match their record players’ arms to different genres of music without going through the hassle of swapping cartridges.

“When I look at it,” said Placido Pappalardo, co-owner of maker Angelis Labor, “the only word that comes to mind is love.”





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