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October 16, 2008

Probably most of the people dont know. But if you are skateboarder, I bet you gonna like it. 

Everybody in Brazil knows that is very difficult to build a career being a skateboard professional (mainly because of the sponsors). Well, the Project SKATISMO appeared from the necessity in the Brazilian market to produce and divulge productions of Brazilian skateboarders. With the junction of efforts, financials, material resources and many collaborators spread in Brazil and around the world, the first SKATISMO was launched in the 2005 with the idea to be a video magazine, to show the brazilian skateboard.

But, what’s the difference from the other skateboard videos? The diference it’s that SKATISMO is totally free, and you can download from the internet using a torrent. Yes you can! They are available on their website, also you can find news about urban culture, street art, health and music. (only in portuguese).

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